The Flower That Stands The Test Of Time

Let’s talk about something everyone loves: roses. I’ve never had a bride tell me she didn’t like roses, and we constantly get requests for them in bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements.

I’m personally obsessed with David Austin Roses. These English roses are known all over the world, because David Austin himself set out to breed a better rose back in the 1950’s. This family-owned business is still the breeder of the most beautiful and sought after roses today.

My favorite thing about these roses in particular is the smell. The fragrance is absolutely intoxicating, especially in their rose, Patience (my favorite). I love design days because I get to immerse myself in the smells of the floral world (it’s just too bad I can’t eat them!), and It always leaves my senses in awe. One day, I’d love to cultivate my own rose garden, so that I could use those roses in our bridal bouquets.

There are so many varieties of roses, and hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures – no two are ever the same. And did you know that roses have a handful of different meanings? Most people know they represent love and beauty, but they can also represent honor, faith, balance, passion, devotion, wisdom, intrigue, and even timelessness. That’s just proof that you can never go wrong with roses!