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A Fairy Tale Wedding at Morais Winery

The first time I met Jheraldine and Eloy was at our consultation. I immediately knew that they were a match made in heaven. She was a little shy, he was so caring towards her, and their sense of excitement was completely contagious as they talked about their wedding. They even finished each other’s sentences. Needless to say, they had me so excited for their big day.

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What Really Goes In To Your Wedding Flowers

You've set the date, chosen the venue and photographer, and sent Save-the-Dates to the guest list. Wedding planning is off to a great start, and now that you've found your florist, it's time to start nailing down your floral design. What follows is a consultation to discuss your color scheme and theme and what in-season flowers make you swoon. After that you're hopefully letting your florist create something magical for you (see my previous blog on Why Giving Your Florist Creative Freedom Is Important).

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