Why Giving Your Florist Creative Freedom Is Important

You're planning a wedding and that is so exciting! I'm sure you have ideas for everything and are starting to put together a vision of what you want that important day to look like. From linens to cake to candles, and yes, definitely to flowers. The floral design in your wedding - through bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony flowers, and more - will help tie the whole event together.

So today I want to talk about how important it is to give your florist some creative freedom in the design of florals for your wedding. Not saying that you should pick a florist and then let them do whatever they want, but once you find the right florist, you'll give them your colors and talk through the design aspects you have so far. Maybe you have a preference on the type of flowers and a few extra notes to give them, but you should trust that your florist wants everything to look as perfect as you do, and once they understand the look you want, they'll be able to effectively portray that in the design.

Let's look at an example.

We have been planning for a wedding for months but when Hurricane Irma hit the coast of Florida, it threw a curve ball in the design. The hurricane not only caused massive damage, but also cancelled all flights coming in and out of Florida. This included the shipment of flowers from South America that was supposed to come in - and just a few days before the wedding! I immediately went into sourcing local flowers to fill the wedding order without compromising the design. I went to a local farm to hand select my flowers

Want to know how it turned out?

The design was even more beautiful than what we had originally planned! When you trust your florist and give them the flexibility and artistic freedom that they need, they can truly execute their work to the fullest and provide you with an incredible design, probably better than what you've been able to imagine!